Grayson Moon – POWERLINES EP – Album Review and Exclusive Performance Video

Album art for POWERLINES by Grayson Moon.
POWERLINES is set to release on March 19th, 2021. Visit for complete details.

Artist:  Grayson Moon
Rating:  5/5 Stars
Review by Kerriann Curtis.

Depending on where you live, spring is making her arrival. With that comes the promises of new life. Slowly but ever so surely, we are climbing out of our COVID-hibernations and the whispers of normal day-to-day life are so close we can taste them. What better way to celebrate than with new music?

Grayson Moon, a singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist has gifted the world POWERLINES, a four-track EP with alt-pop goodness for all to enjoy.

Lyrically the EP features universal feelings that can resonate with everyone who listens.  From the opening track, “Ocean” where Moon croons about a playful day by the ocean with your crush, the song oozes nostalgia and new experiences simultaneously. It’s the perfect opener to the POWERLINES EP as well as for that first drive in the sun with the windows down if romps by the ocean aren’t in your itinerary just yet.

“Campfires”, the next track, is a song about being there for someone for which you care deeply while they struggle. Our lives have been laden with struggle and sadness lately so this song is a wonderful sonic lift-up.

“You see the divinity that exists in them, you feel the power in their energy as they seek to overcome themselves. You want to be the person at the end saying you knew they could do it.”

A personal favorite, “Campfires” is going to be one of those songs you will want to include on playlists you make for friends and loved ones.

IMR Interview with Grayson Moon
IMR Magazine interview with Grayson Moon – Photo courtesy of Kaitlin Nëwman.

POWERLINES is yet another brilliant track that speaks about the delicate dance of utilizing networks (as in social networks) to stay connected to people while also feeling it increasingly drives those same people apart. Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back and invest that time in yourself.

“Empire” is the EP’s closing track and is all about internal and external battles. Once again, something I’m certain we all have experience in as of late.

POWERLINES is a solid EP from start to finish. It’s relevant, catchy, and most importantly it’s filled with heart and soul. Each of these songs could find homes on your local radio stations, as well as your own personal playlists. After the EP is over, you’re going to want to listen to more, so be sure to also check out Moon’s Buzzlounge Live Studio sessions.

Be sure to stay in touch with Grayson Moon on his socials to be the first to know about new releases and live shows when the time comes.

POWERLINES will be released on March 19th on all streaming platforms.

Photo Gallery:
IMR was able to record an exclusive track from Grayson Moon.  These are the behind-the-scenes photos.  All photos courtesy of Kaitlin Nëwman

Editor’s note:  Grayson Moon was able to sit down and talk with us for an interview last week.  We’ll have the complete footage on our Instagram page and Twitter soon. Follow us to get all the awesome new indie music.

Rating: 5/5 Stars
Artist: Grayson Moon
Location: Baltimore, MD
Genre: Pop, Singer/Songwriter
Members: Grayson Moon

Bio from the Artist:  

American Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Grayson Moon brings a refreshing new experience to the alt-pop music scene, blending soulful vocals over contemporary guitar and electronic instruments, and weaving in and out of the singer-songwriter style with rock and blues influences.

His single “Down” off of the debut EP “I Hope You’re Ok” reflects on coming of age and feeling the loss of a loved one with folk guitar styles and poignant lyricism.

Two follow-up single releases came with “Be Mine” and, “Crush” in 2020 which were hailed by pop-rock and funk fans alike for their cathartic blend of styles and sonic landscapes.

Starting from a very young age, Grayson trained classically in operatic voice. Whilst pursuing a Vocal Performance degree at Shenandoah Conservatory, he was immersed in various styles of music and began experimenting with a variety of bands, sounds, and instruments.